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          致力油氣科技 創造環保能源

          成都能特科技發展有限公司  成都能特科技發展有限公司成立于2002年,是一家集技術研發、產品生產、配套服務于一體的科技型企業,年產值上億元,依托中國石油西南油氣田分公司天然氣研究院雄厚的技術研發力量,長期致力于氣體凈化處理及油氣田化學新技術、新產品的開發、應用、服務,并發展了油化分公司、腐蝕與防護分公司、煉化分公司、生產分公司等多家分公司。2003年被四川省科技廳評定為“高新技術企業”。





          Dedicate to oil and gas science and technology

          Create environmental-friendly energy

          Founded in 2002, Chengdu Ringt Technology Co., Ltd is a 100-million-technology company committed to the R&D, production and supports of technological products. Backed by the technology development and research strength of PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Subsidiary, Natural Gas Research Institute, the company has long been dedicated to the new technologies of gas purification & treatment and oil and gas chemicals, new product development, application and supports, with subsidiary companies including petrochemicals, and refinery and production. In 2003, the company was appraised High and New Technology Company by the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Bureau.

          The company has a team of highly professional, richly experienced and greatly responsive technology research, development and support personnel, while boasting 3 specialized technology R&D and support systems in the fields of gas purification & treatment, oil and gas field chemicals, and analysis and test, which enables the company to provide its customers with quality products, as well as fast, punctual and thoughtful technological supports before, during and after the sales. There are three production lines including three series including desulfurization agents and chemical agents for oil and gas field exploration, oil refinery, catalyst for natural gas purification plant.

          Over 100 products in 3 key categories of catalyzers, desulphurization agents applied in refineries and natural gas purification factories, and the chemical agents used in oil and gas fields have all been certificated by the ISO9001 Quality Certification, while we also claim fine quality, prompt and thoughtful services, as well as distinctive edges in technology and products. Our products capture a substantial market share domestically, and sell to countries and regions in East Asia, West Asia and Africa, with incredible recognition and reputation among the users. With the efforts to commercialize our scientific and technological achievements in an effective manner, the company will maintain its quality and efficient portfolio of top-of-the-line technologies, products and supports for our users.

          With business integrity as our consistent principle and scientific and technological innovation as our core value and an essential cause of our fast development, Ringt Technology Co., Ltd are looking forward to working together with all stakeholders in our jointed strikes for a better tomorrow.






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